Vehicles for bank declined clients

Your credit profile makes little difference to your application, which implies that regardless of whether you are blacklisted, or have a low credit assessment, we provide a vehicle for everybody countrywide.

Anybody with a legitimate South African driver’s license longer than 2 years with an available deposit and monthly income is qualified to apply, regardless of whether you are having difficulty financing a vehicle or are blacklisted.


Value Added Service

I-Pasella is a 100% black owned, Value-Added Service (VAS) that aims to provide something extra (Pasella) to our client’s members and employees. Our holistic VAS services, places the individual’s financial wellbeing at its centre.

Payday Advance

Exclusive to our members is our payday advance that will help you bridge your income until month end. Advances between R500 to R1000 can be made available to our members.

Fill in the form below to see if you qualify for a payday advance.

Terms and Conditions

Benefits from the three main categories are available for selection to combine a specific benefit package per Corporate client or Campaign.  The following is the spectrum of benefits and only those benefits included in the respective benefit packages apply to the end-user.

We focus on providing financial protection and wellness for our clients.

Professional, qualified legal advisors provide advice to the client on any legal topic or matter.

Individuals can enjoy a multitude of business or leisure travel and accommodation.